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Mercedes Benz W115 300D

The Mercedes 300D offered reliability and performance that puts newer cars to shame. These cars were a true testament to the reliability of the Mercedes diesel marquee. The 115 300D handles beautifully and accelerates just like a gasoline powered vehicle. They sported excellent fuel economy, and extreme reliability for the highway and long trips. On the highway, and at 120 km/p/h, these cars are solid and sturdy like tanks. The engine purrs like a kitten, with minimal noise in the cabin.

The Mercedes W115 300 D is roomy and very comfortable, with sofa like seats, and lots of leg and headroom.

Mercedes Benz W115 300D

A beautifully crafted interior, the W115 has a very inviting cabin. The ergonomics on the dashboard are excellent for the time period, and it has really good heat and cool air. The air conditioner is very powerful and blows ice cold. The trunk has ample room for luggage and more.

Mercedes W115 300D Interior

The interior of the car has manually operated leather seats that you can just sink into. The car also has great shocks, which aren’t very stiff. Add those two factors to the stock 15” wheels with large tires and you can barely feel anything on the road as you enjoy the comfort it holds.

Luxurious for it’s day, but it is still so simple

Mercedes has been building luxury cars for decades. This car, which was a relatively expensive luxury car back in it’s day provides all the ‘luxury’ you will ever need in any car. ‘Luxuries’ such as, leather seats, a stereo, a smooth ride, wooden dashboard pieces and A/C are all that's needed to feel content with a car.

The glory days of a magnificently over-engineered Mercedes-Benz

Models like the W115, the W123 and the W124 enjoy a reputation for Swiss watch-like reliability. They come from an era when Mercedes designed cars to a precise standard, not to a price point set in response to a growing list of competitors. They’re overbuilt to a degree that defies modern beliefs.

This is an awesome car. I would recommend the Mercedes 300D W115 to anyone!

Mercedes Benz 114-115 - W114-W115  Models

U.S. Market - Index of Series W114 - W115 Mercedes Benz Vehicles

Model Years Built Chassis Engine Produced
220 1968-1973 115.010 I4 115.920 128,398
220 D 1968-1973 115.110 I4 615.912 345,376
230 1968-1969 114.015 I6 180.954 152,822
230 1974-1976 115.017 I4 115.951 63,497
240 D 1974-1976 115.117 I4 616.916 126,148
250 1968-1970 114.010 I6 114.920 78,303
250 1971-1972 114.011 I6 130.923 22,624
250 C 1970-1972 114.023 I6 130.923 10,527
280 1973-1976 114.060 I6 110.921 1,241
280 C 1973-1976 114.073 I6 110.921 8,227
300 D 1975-1976 115.114 I5 617.910 53,690

Mercedes Benz 114 115 Cutaway Diagram