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Mercedes Benz Repair Manual Collection
1968 - 1976 Models 220 | 220D | 230 | 240D | 250 | 250C | 300D

This Mercedes Benz 114 - 115 Service And Repair Manual Collection Is An All Inclusive Collection

Maintenance, Service, Repair Manuals on CD. The Best You Will Find! This is a Complete Comprehensive Mercedes Benz Repair Manual. CD Runs In A Browser And Works With All Operating Systems. Zoom in & Print any Page or Diagram

OEM - Same Manual Used By Mercedes Mechanics!

Mercedes 114 - 115 Service and Repair Manuals on DVD


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Service, Repair, and Maintenance Manual's on CD

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1968 - 1976 Models 220 | 220D | 230 | 240D | 250 | 250C | 300D

Mercedes Benz Series Service, Maintenance Manual Collection

This manual contains thousands of pages of detailed repair and troubleshooting procedures.

It covers Mercedes Benz 114 and 115 Series cars and includes bumper-to-bumper documentation including specifications, electrical diagrams, troubleshooting and diagnosis, engine mechanical repairs, suggested maintenance schedules and body and chassis assemblies including, doors, windows, switches etc.

Distributed for use by automotive technicians, this deluxe manual includes disassembly and assembly instructions as well as schematics, diagrams, and detailed illustrations along with troubleshooting info that covers the following topics:

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MB 114 115 Manual Collection

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Service, Repair, Maintenance, Chassis, Body, Engine, Electrical,  Heat/AC, delivered by Download Link

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  • Chassis and Body Assemblies, Suspension, Axels, Brakes, Steering
  • Engines, Lubricating, Cooling, Technical Data, and Assembly
  • Electrical Troubleshooting and Wiring Diagrams
  • Climate Control Heating & Cooling
  • Maintenance Inspections, Adjustments, Lubrication, and Service
  • Basic Owner's Manual Reference with Instruments and Controls
  • Technical Data on Fuels, Coolants and Lubricants

This Technical/Service/Repair/Maintenance Manual is available on CD, Local and International Shipping

Contains descriptive images and instructions in English, which allows reading both monitor of your PC, and printing the pages you need.

This Manual is the same information used by Mercedes Benz Mechanics. By using the same step by step manuals as the dealers use, you can be assured that all the information you need to do the job right is included.


Fuels, Coolants, Lubricants, Consumer Data

Maintenance Manual which includes:

Brakes and Cables, Hydro Pneumatic Suspension, Steering Linkage, Axels Clutch and Driveshaft inspections, Heating, Cooling and Fuel Systems

Chassis & Body Manual which includes:

General Technical, Suspension, Front and Rear Axel Assemblies
Wheels and Drive Shaft, Brakes, Climate Control Heating & Cooling

Electrical Troubleshooting Manual which includes:

Wiring Diagrams, How to Troubleshoot Guide

Engine Manual which includes:

General Technical Data, Engine Removal and Installation, Cylinder Head and Crankcase, Crankshaft Assembly, Engine Timing, Mechanical and Electronic Fuel Injection

Basic Owner's Operation Manual Reference

Mercedes Benz 114-115 - W114-W115  Models

U.S. Market - Index of Series W114 - W115 Mercedes Benz Vehicles

Model Years Built Chassis Engine Produced
220 1968-1973 115.010 I4 115.920 128,398
220 D 1968-1973 115.110 I4 615.912 345,376
230 1968-1969 114.015 I6 180.954 152,822
230 1974-1976 115.017 I4 115.951 63,497
240 D 1974-1976 115.117 I4 616.916 126,148
250 1968-1970 114.010 I6 114.920 78,303
250 1971-1972 114.011 I6 130.923 22,624
250 C 1970-1972 114.023 I6 130.923 10,527
280 1973-1976 114.060 I6 110.921 1,241
280 C 1973-1976 114.073 I6 110.921 8,227
300 D 1975-1976 115.114 I5 617.910 53,690

Mercedes Benz 114 115 Cutaway Diagram